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Privacy is a vital element we provide to our website visitors. Securing your information is our priority.

Log File Data

This website gathers and use data collected in log files. The data info consist of IP or Internet Protocol address, the ISP ( Internet Service Provider), associate browser ( such as Firefox and Internet Explorer), the log time in the site, and page views for the website.


Our website uses cookies to save information. Cookies are text files that coincide with Internet domains saved in the computer system.

Cookies that are kept after a session are known as "persistent" cookies. Meanwhile, "session" cookies cease as the browsing session ends.

Cookies and web beacons are mainly used for advertising; information regarding the visitor's ISP and IP address are applied for geo targeting. You still have the option to disabled the cookie but this will compromise the data transfer and communication to our website and to other sites. DART cookies are constant and are used to help Google with geo and behavior targeted ads. The users who wish to leave the use of DART cookie can check the Google's Privacy Policy to make the necessary alterations.

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