Things to Know About Youth Shelters

Youth Shelters

Youth shelters provide a safe place of refuge for today’s youth. A youth is classified as a male or female, ages 16-24 years old. If someone within this age category has nowhere else to turn, they can turn to a youth shelter to not only provide them with a safe place to live and a roof over their head, but also with assistance programs such as rehabilitation, training and education. These shelters are incredibly important because they are sometimes the difference maker when a young person is deciding what path to go down. Sometimes all you need is a helping hand and these youth shelters are there to guide troubled youth down the right path instead of ushering them towards a path of drugs, alcohol and homelessness. By being available to help the youth when they need it most, these youth shelters are making today a better place.

Unfortunately, the homeless rate of youth in America today is steadily increasing and has been doing so for the past couple of years. Youth shelters across the nation are definitely helping the problem, but there needs to be more of them so that they can successfully reach the entire troubled youth population. The Department of Housing and Urban Development has published many studies outlining these facts.

Organizations That Help The Homeless

The Salvation Army is a social service organization and a religious group who, through social service programs, helps fight sin and despair. Through working with the Christian Church, the Salvation Army has helped children, women, elderly men, addicts and family’s through tough times for more than 130 years.

Citygate Network offer services to everyone, no matter what their age, race, religion, color, or origin may be.

Feeding America is a hunger relief charity and it is the leading one in the United States. They provide food assistance for over 25 million low-income people across the country including children and seniors.

YWCA is the oldest women’s organization in the United States, it successfully advocates of women’s and civil rights in Congress, also it provides a safe environment for women and girls to go to in times of need.

Helping the Homeless